Paseo Balmaceda

La Serena

  • Land Area

    56.348 m2

  • Built Area

    36.926 m2

  • Leasable Area

    31.926 m2

  • Parking

    868 units

Located in the northern city of La Serena, between the city center and Av. Cuatro Esquinas, near one of the main residential areas of the city. Given its excellent connectivity and location, it is a significant source of services, shopping and entertainment for the community. The main anchors of the shopping center are Homecenter (home improvement) and Tottus (supermarket), the commercial offer also includes a gym, well known restaurant chains (McDonalds and Starbucks among others), offices and other services such as banks and medical centers.

City: La Serena | Región de Coquimbo

Location: Balmaceda 2885

Opening: Second Semester 2017